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Alyssa Welle ‘19, Biochemistry

From a very young age, Alyssa Welle was a self-proclaimed math and science fanatic, constantly wanting to dig deeper into a world of possibility. She recalls sitting in the bathtub, pondering the existence and meaning of negative numbers. As she continued her education,  she found that it was her AP Biology class in tenth grade […]

James Santiago ‘20, Nursing

James Santiago has liked questioning things his whole life. He’s fascinated by seeing chemical reactions and observing the similarities and differences between different organisms on Earth. His interest in pursuing science was “awakened” in high school, when he took a research course focusing on cures for diseases. This course helped him realize that was what […]

Zach Croonquist ’19, Psychological Science

Zach Croonquist first developed an interest in science because of his first grade teacher, who made science fun and exciting. He says that “in first grade, I was learning more about science than I did in fourth and fifth grade, because she loved science so much”, and that she planted the seed within Zach to […]

Kylee Brimsek ’20, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Science has always come easily to Kylee Brimsek. She’s enjoyed her science classes, especially her chemistry classes, since elementary school. Kylee is interested in going into the healthcare field, and says that “science is a huge part of that”. She hopes to go to medical school and become an anesthesiologist, in part because when she […]

Katie Mattinen ’20, Biology

Katie Mattinen is fascinated by how things work. She says that she’s most fascinated with the technical details of science, which has contributed to her interest in neuroscience. Neuroscience, to Katie, is a way to learn what “exact chemicals and neurotransmitters are making people do things”. She is currently on the Pre-Med track at Gustavus, […]