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Chloe Shaw ’19, Environmental Studies

Chloe Shaw first became interested in science when she took an AP Biology class in high school. Her teacher guided her to a new understanding of vocation and the numerous paths one can take in science. Through this class, Chloe’s eyes were opened to statistical, Global Imaging System, and “large” biology work. “That’s more my […]

Leah Johnson ’18, Biology

Growing up, Leah Johnson had a wide variety of interests. However, she didn’t find her true scientific interest until taking biology and chemistry in high school. “I realized how much I enjoyed learning about how living systems function,” she reflected. From there, science classes at Gustavus “helped me to solidify and narrow down my scientific […]

Alex Jeon ‘19, Biology

Alex first became interested in science when he was around six years of age and living in South Korea. Alex’s parents had a collection of biological, organismal, and animal documentaries, the “Nature” equivalent of Korea, and Alex would watch these films over and over again. Fascinated with the processes of life they described, he was […]