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Savannah Maynard ‘18, Biology

Savannah has always always been interested in science, and she has known that she wanted to go into medicine since she was little. She says that while others used to say “I want to be a ballerina,” or “I want to be a fairy,” she has always said “I want to be a doctor”. Savannah […]

Ben Rorem ‘19, Physics

Ben Rorem became interested in math and science for many different reasons. His father was also a Physics major at Gustavus, and went on to become an emergency room physician. From his interactions with and proximity to his dad, Ben developed an interest in science and math. His affinity for these subjects was supported in […]

Benjamin Easter ‘19, Chemistry

Benjamin Easter’s interest in science is rooted in his inquisitive nature. For example, he would wonder why leaves fall, and found that the answers he searched for were scientific. Benjamin believes that by asking questions he developed a habit of seeking knowledge, and ultimately learning more. Science became a way of “finding this web of […]