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Haley Pesik ‘19, Computer Science and Mathematics

Haley Pesik has been interested in math and science for most of her life. She says that “when I was little… math came very easily to me”. Haley’s dad is an aerospace engineer, and he “would always tell me about rockets, and just a lot about math”. She found what her dad was telling her […]

Ben Madigan ‘19, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Ben Madigan first became interested in science when he was in high school. He says that “we had a pretty strong program at my high school” that helped spark his interest in science, and thinks that “I just enjoyed it naturally from the start”. Ben is not sure what his exact future career will be, […]

Brendan Hermerding ‘19, Chemistry

Brendan Hermerding’s interest in science has been “a lifelong journey”. Throughout his time in school he enjoyed his science classes. Brendan’s interest in science became even more important in middle school, and in sixth grade his favorite class was physical science. Once he started high school, he took upper level science courses that “got me […]