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Jonathan Gale ’17, Biology

Jonathan Gale has been surrounded by the sciences since his childhood. His mom is a physician, so Jon has always felt motivated by her to ask questions and think scientifically. “In high school she’d always encourage me to take science elective courses,” he says, “like anatomy and animal kingdom.” Additionally, his father received a teaching […]

Shelby Klomp ’20, Physics

Shelby Klomp is a sophomore physics major at Gustavus. She first became interested in math and science in middle school, when she had a great teacher who taught both art and math. From there, Shelby found herself continually drawn to math and science, saying “I was successful in it and I liked it”. Physics seemed […]

Cara Christiansen ’17, Computer Science

Cara Christiansen is a senior at Gustavus. She is studying computer science and involved in Christian organizations on campus, as well as deeply rooted in her own faith. Cara describes herself as a very concrete individual, saying “I’m a thinker, very analytical”. Because of this, one of her most pronounced strengths is individualization. Cara identifies […]